A Workspace is all of your stories, issues and meetings but without meeting.

Create a new Workspace from Add New on the navigation bar of your home page

Add New

When you edit the description of a Workspace a notification is sent to all collaborators and they can see the diff.


Workspace descriptions are good for listing requirements or links to other context where everyone needs to stay informed.

Once you are done with a Workspace you can archive it from the home page or inside the Workspace settings available in the upper right hand corner of the Workspace.


The archived Workspace will be still be available by using View Archive on you home page left navigation.


Un-archiving a Workspace restores notifications.



The add collaborator button, right corner, controls adding participants to a Workspace.

Any collaborator can be removed and they will no longer have access to the Workspace. Collaborators can be added by link, by placeholder and invite email or immediately for users already collaborating with you in another Workspace, Dialog or Initiative.

Invitation links work for anyone possessing the link and cannot be revoked.

Workspace Navigation

Workspace Nav

The left panel Workspace navigation has links and counts for all sections. Counts for ‘Assigned’ do not include ‘Verified’ since only the first configurable number of verified stories show.

‘View Archive’ shows all Workspace stories in ‘Verified’ or ‘Not Doing’ and all resolved Workspace level Todos and other comments.


One-stop shopping for story activity in a Workspace.


Approval, questions, blocking issues and reports are part of a story so put them there.

Workspace Todos

Track problems found during development separately from customer facing issues.