Getting Started

Uclusion works out of the box with almost no configuration

What process does Uclusion recommend?

By default, Uclusion enforces very few rules so the below are only suggestions.

Importing your backlog and users

Create a Workspace from the home page - you only need to give it a name. After creating invite everyone to your Workspace.


Note that inviting by email will automatically add that person to your Workspace as a yellow named placeholder. You can assign stories etc. to that email address and the placeholder will be replaced once they login.

Unassigned stories go in Further Work. Marking a story ‘Ready to Start’ will notify everyone until the story is assigned.

Assigned stories go in Ready for Approval. When you create a story here everyone will be notified to mark their approval.

Working on stores without mandatory meetings

The daily flow is like this:

  1. Get stories approved before you start them and help approve other’s stories.
  2. Pause stories that are blocked or require input and help others with their paused stories.
  3. Get feedback on stories that are finished enough to be reviewed and give feedback on other’s stories.
  4. Maintain a status display that shows exactly where you are on all your stories.
  5. Propose project level suggestions and decisions and respond to other’s proposals.

For in depth on how Uclusion allows this flow without meetings you can see the Overview and this video:

Your Account

Support for login by Google, Github or username / password.

User Configuration

Remember to set up a Gravatar