User Configuration

Remember to set up a Gravatar


From the identity drop-down you can change your:

  • Integration preferences - change your avatar, add Slack integration or change email or Slack settings to notify more or less often
  • Password - this does not apply to accounts created from Github or Google
  • Billing - change payment method or apply discounts

Setting up a Gravatar

Uclusion uses Gravatar so you don’t have to set up a new avatar in every application.

Clicking on ‘Change your avatar’ from integration preferences will take you to the Gravitar sign in page. If you have a Wordpress account you can sign in and create your Gravatar. If you don’t have a Wordpress account you will be prompted to create a free account.

Some tips on creating a Gravatar - you can choose your username the same as your email address and also note that you will receive an email verification link in your email. The email you use for Gravatar must be the same as the one shown in your Uclusion dropdown and mentioned in the Uclusion change avatar section.

Once you have your Wordpress account, you can return to the Gravatar sign in page and sign in and proceed. Once created, your Gravatar may take a little while to show up in Uclusion.