Uclusion automatically emits and removes notifications based on available data.


Notification Level Meaning
Critical Stop what you are doing to take a look
Delayable Process at the next break
Informational Ignore unless curious

Notification levels can change based on context. For instance if a story in ‘Ready for Approval’ stage has no approvals then that is a critical notification. Once anyone creates an approval the rest of the team’s notifications to approve become delayable.

Deleting a Notification

Notifications with trash can icons can be deleted by clicking the icon. Other notifications will not be removed until the required action has been performed by someone. For instance a blocking issue notification remains until the issue is resolved.

Notifications will also be deleted automatically if Uclusion recognizes they are no longer necessary. Replying to a comment removes all notifications requiring viewing that thread.



Uclusion underscores comments, replies or sections in red or yellow corresponding to its notification’s level.


If you want a bell to ring for Uclusion notifications then Slack integration is the easiest way.


By default Uclusion sends a digest to the email in your account.