Workspace Todos

Track problems found during development separately from customer facing issues.

Workspace Todos provide a way to broadcast small things that need doing without holding meetings.

Notification Levels

Todo Level Notification How the notification is removed
Immediate Critical By resolving or moving the Todo to a story
When Able Delayable By resolving the Todo or deleting the notification
When Convenient Informational By resolving the Todo or deleting the notification

So Feedback for more information on this flow.


Single clicking a Workspace Todo opens a context menu

Workspace Todos

whose contents vary. For instance if a Workspace Todo has an unread comment then ‘Mark Thread Read’ will also be availabe in this menu.

In the top right hand corner of the Workspace Todos section is a button

Workspace Todos

Using this button puts selectors on the Workspace Todos

Workspace Todos

The ‘Create Story from Todos’ button opens story creation with the selected Todos included in the new story.