One-stop shopping for story activity in a Workspace.


Swimlanes provide full at a glance context for a collaborator’s activity in a Workspace. This includes counts of notifications that have not been resolved next to the collaborator’s name. In addition to showing the active stories you see above, you can also see stories that are blocked or required input.


In order to appear in the swimlanes a story must be assigned. Unassigned stories show up in the Further Work section section below the swimlanes.

Configuring Stage Rules

Stories can be dragged and dropped between stages from the swimlanes or moved from inside a story via dropdown. Some rules for moving between stages are controlled from the Workspace configuration accessible from the gear in the top right-hand corner of the Workspace description.


These options also include how long a story stays in the swimlanes Verified column.

Configuring Who Is Assignable

Not all collaborators are available to be assigned to stories. If there are too many of these collaborators in the workspace the swimlanes become needlessly too large. From the Workspace configuration page you can mark yourself or other collaborators as not assignable.

Manage Collaborators

From this same section you can also remove a collaborator from a Workspace completely. Removed collaborators will have no access to the Workspace.