Uclusion relies on understanding the stage of a story.

Uclusion stages let you, and the software helping you, understand the state of a story’s collaboration at all times.

Ready for Approval

Story by story approval occurs in this stage, see Planning for details. For a story not started, approvals only last a configurable amount of time. Also configurable is how many approvals are required to start a story, the default is zero.

In Ready for Approval stage a stories approval count will be displayed in the swimlane and be red if the story has no approvals. Open questions or suggestions cause the story’s title in the swimlane to be red.

Changing a story’s assignments will remove all approvals and return the story to ‘Ready for Approval’.


Opening a blocking issue automatically moves a story to this stage. Once there the issue must be resolved before the story can change stages.

Requires Input

If an assignee opens a question automatically moves a story to this stage. Once there all assignee asked questions must be resolved before the story can change stages.

Not Ready For Feedback

Only an assignee can move the story into ‘Not Ready for Feedback’ as it indicates the assignee has started and progress reports will be due, see Status for details on progress reports.

In the swimlanes a story missing a progress report / estimated completion date will be yellow.

The number of stories allowed per person in ‘Not Ready for Feedback’ is configurable and defaults to unlimited.

Ready For Feedback

See Feedback for details on getting feedback on a story using this stage. ‘Ready for Feedback’ does not mean a story is complete or even that all Todos are resolved; it just requests feedback.

In the swimlanes the open TODO count will be displayed and be red if non-zero.

Verified and Not Doing

‘Verified’ stage indicates the story is considered done. In order to move to this stage all Todos must be complete. Newer ‘Verified’ stories show in the swimlanes and all are visible in the Workspace archives, see Workspace Navigation.

‘Not Doing’ stories are visible only in the Workspace archives.

Both ‘Verified’ and ‘Not Doing’ automatically resolve all open comments.

Further Work

Unassigned stories are created or moved to this stage. See Further Work Stage for details on the levels of ‘Further Work’ and its notifications.