Approval, questions, blocking issues and reports are part of a story so put them there.


The calendar icon on the top right hand corner of a story controls the estimated completion date. See Not Ready for Feedback stage for more about its usage.

The share button next to the calendar icon gives a link which leads to the story and grants access to the workspace. See Permissions and Sharing for more information.

The story navigation panel allows for quick navigation in the story and gives counts of types of comments. See Search for how these counts work with search.


Story Creation

From any collaborator’s swimlane you can use the Assign Story button:


At a minimum story creation requires a description. The name field will be generated from the first sentence of the description if not filled out.

‘Skip getting approvals’ will move the created story directly into Not Ready for Feedback stage.

If you assign a story to someone else then you must fill out an approval also.

Adding Labels


Stages in Uclusion are fixed because notification logic and displays require knowing them. Use the label widget at the center bottom of the story description to add custom meta information.


What assigning or collaborating on a story means.


Uclusion relies on understanding the stage of a story.