Status in Uclusion is mostly a result of the collaboration that’s taking place inside stories.

Everyone knows what you are working on and whether or not you have questions because those questions are created inside the story.


Each collaborator has a Swimlane that shows stories assigned to him by stage. All stories in Blocked and Requires Input show separately as they are the responsibility of the whole team.

Estimated completion dates are not part of story creation. Once in Not Ready for Feedback, daily progress reports are required until a completion date estimate is filled. Unless before a completion date, the story shows yellow if no report within twenty-four hours.


Ready for Approval stage stories show approval counts and Ready for Feedback stage stories show unresolved Todo counts from review. Other notes about status at a glance visual indicators are show by hovering over the name of a stage.

Stories can be assigned by drag and drop or the assign story button in the swimlane. The stage of a story can be changed by drag and drop or from within the story using the next stage button or change stage drop down. All swimlane rules can be changed by configuration except the rule that only an assignee can put a story into ‘Not Ready for Feedback’ stage.


Each swimlane includes counts of its collaborator’s remaining notifications. This provides a rough way to check the status of the Workspace’s collaboration efforts.