Planning in Uclusion is continuous.

Having one or more approved stories available at all times lets a developer stay productive even if his current story blocks.

‘Ready for Approval’ Stage

A story that is moved into Ready for Approval will send out notifications to all collaborators to approve the story.



An important principle in collaboration is to work on what’s important. So approval in Uclusion comes with a certainty score; how certain are you that this story should be done?

Once you approve a story Uclusion starts a timer that defaults to 2 weeks. If the story is not begun within that time frame then the approval expires.


By default this field is hidden. You can enable it in the Workspace settings.

Even “Very Certain” is not a blank check. How much effort can be spent on this story before it’s not worth it? Budget is intended to give the assigned a rough guide line for knowing how long implementation can take.


Justify your approval with a reason to give the assignee that much more information about your opinion.


Approval notifications are optional unless you include someone as a ‘Required Approver’. Required approvers notifications remain until they approve or comment.