Uclusion supports multiple ways to say what’s necessary and backs them with notifications that help make it happen.

‘Not Ready for Feedback’ and ‘Ready for Feedback’ Stages

Only an assigned developer can move a story to Not Ready for Feedback. This stage indicates work is being done on the story in preparation for review. Once there is even a partial result the story should be moved to Ready for Feedback with a Progress Report comment that explains what is done.

In ‘Ready for Feedback’ the story will send notifications to reviewers who can enter Review Reports, Todos, Questions or Suggestions.


Creating a Todo stops the review until it is resolved and the story also cannot move to Verified stage without resolving all Todos.

‘Further Work’ Stage

Unassigned stories are put into the Further Work stage which has two levels, Ready to Start and Not Ready to Start. While in ‘Further Work’ the normal Uclusion structured comments can be used to work together on defining the story.

Further Work

A story can be made ‘Ready to Start’ by dragging and dropping or marking the check box inside the story.

Workspace Todos

Single clicking a Workspace Todo opens a menu which includes assignment and editing options. If you assign the Todo will be moved to a regular Todo on the story you create. If you edit you can change the Todo or reply in its thread.

Workspace Todos

There are three priority levels of Todos and you can drag and drop between levels or use the single click menu to choose a different priority. These levels control the notifications that are sent, see Workspace Todos.


Adding a ‘Required Approver’ in ‘Ready for Feedback’ stage forces that collaborator to enter a ‘Review Report’ or make a comment to remove the please review notification. Changing a story’s stage always removes all notifications so moving back to ‘Not Ready for Feedback’ ends the review.

‘Ready to Start’ stories send a notification that will not go away until the story is moved out of ‘Ready to Start’ by assignment or demotion to ‘Not Ready to Start’.

‘Immediate’ level Workspace Todos send a critical level notification that persists until assignment. ‘When Able’ and ‘When Convenient’ Workspace Todos send dismissable ‘Delayable’ and ‘Informational’ level notifications respectively. The Todos with notifications will be highlighted unless ‘Mark Thread Read’ under the single click menu is used.