Uclusion has multiple ways and levels to ask questions and make suggestions.


You can use enhanced Questions at the Workspace and Story level by adding options to a question. Collaborators can reply to your question and also approve options. There is a setting to control whether they can approve multiple options or not.


Other collaborators can create new proposed options but only the question’s creator can promote those options so they are approvable. Each option contains its own discussion inside.


You can use enhanced Suggestions at the Workspace and Story level by marking the suggestions votable. Collaborators can reply to your suggestion or vote for or against it.


Only the creator of a suggestion can modify what is being suggested. Workspace level questions and suggestions can be moved to a story by using the ‘Move to Story’ button.

Dialogs and Initiatives

You can also create top level interactive questions and suggestions that are not associated with a workspace. You create these from the Add New button on your home page.

Add New

Top level Workspaces and Dialogs and Initiatives do not share collaborators or visibility unless you add someone. So Dialogs and Initiatives are a good choice for getting opinions without adding someone to your existing collaboration.

Dialogs and Initiatives also support setting a deadline. Additionally, Initiatives have a configuration to allow interaction with collaborators like customers where you don’t want them to see each other’s responses.


When a question has a new option or a suggestion is modified notifications are automatically sent. Story level questions and suggestions asked by an assignee have notifications that remain till resolved. If a question or suggestion is made by someone not assigned to a story @ mentions can be used to force a response.

Dialogs and Initiatives send notifications that force a response and send a warning as the deadline approaches. The Dialog or Initiative creator can extend the deadline at any time up until it passes. Once the deadline passes the Dialog or Initiative is archived and cannot be re-opened.