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Uclusion automatically emits and removes notifications based on available data.


Each notification type forms a small workflow to help drive process and status forward.

Notification Usage
Please assign You no longer have any task in Ready for Approval and should fill your pipeline.
Please approve Someone else’s task is Ready for Approval or for you to comment.
Report required Your task in Not Ready for Feedback is past it’s estimated completion date or doesn’t have one.
Review required Someone else’s task in Ready for Feedback needs your feedback.
Unresolved comment There is a suggestion, question, issue or reply that needs your attention.
Comment resolved Your suggestion, question or issue was resolved by someone else.
Please help assign A task or Todo needs assignment.


Notification Level Meaning
Critical Stop what you are doing to take a look
Delayable Process at the next break
Informational Ignore unless curious

Notification levels can change based on context. For instance if a task in ‘Ready for Approval’ stage has no approvals then that is a critical notification. Once anyone creates an approval the rest of the team’s notifications to approve become delayable.

Deleting a Notification

Notifications with trash can icons can be deleted by clicking the icon. Other notifications will not be removed until the required action has been performed by someone. For instance a blocking issue notification remains until the issue is resolved.

Notifications will also be deleted automatically if Uclusion recognizes they are no longer necessary. Replying to a comment removes all notifications requiring viewing that thread.



Uclusion underscores comments, replies or sections in red or yellow corresponding to its notification’s level.

1 - Inbox

Your Inbox tracks everything you need to do across all Workspaces.

Using the archive icon you can mark a row read or delete it depending on the type of notification.


When you mark a notification read it also removes the highlighting around the item it is tracking. For instance an unread comment will have a red or yellow highlight around it depending on the priority of the notification. Archiving its corresponding notification from the Inbox or by using the ‘Mark read’ button removes this highlight.

2 - Pending

What others owe you in your collaboration is tracked in Pending.

Clicking on the Pending icon in the header gives you a view of all outstanding questions, suggestions, tasks, etc. that you created and are in other’s Inbox.


You can use this view to make certain that nothing you need goes unresolved for too long.

3 - Slack

If you want a bell to ring for Uclusion notifications then Slack integration is the easiest way.

From the identity drop-down in the upper right-hand corner, choose notification preferences which is the first icon under your email address. You will see an add to Slack button like this:

Notification preferences

Using that button will bring to an accept screen like this:

Slack permission

After allowing you will see this message:

Slack completion

Now inside a any channel in Slack type the ‘/uclusion’ command which will return:

Slack completion

Follow the blue Slack notification link to complete the integration.

4 - Email

By default Uclusion sends a digest to the email in your account.

You can disable email integration by going to the identity drop-down in the upper right-hand corner and choosing notification preferences which is the first icon under your email address.

Email enabled

Unclick email enabled and click the ‘Update Preferences’ button.