Initiatives and Dialogs

Interactive voting and brain-storming outside the Workspace.

The Decisions gives you the basics of working with Initiatives and Dialogs.


An Initiatives and Dialogs lives until your configurable deadline and then permanently archives. You can extend this deadline at any time.


Clicking on the add time icon in the top upper-right takes you to this screen:


Here you can extend the deadline for the Initiative or Dialog up to two weeks.

As the deadline approaches you and all collaborators will receive a warning notification. You can also choose to end an Initiative or Dialog immediately


by choosing ‘Archive and deactivate’. ‘Archive only’ will just turn off notifications.


Initiatives, Dialogs and Options (within the Dialog) are all backed by the same diff mechanism shown for Workspaces. So when you change something collaborators will be notified and see what changed.


Initiatives measure support for an idea outside a Workspace.


Brainstorm options outside a Workspace.